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Met with the Director of the Natural Resources Development Bureau

The second day in Côte d’Ivoire is another hectic day packed with activities. In the morning we met with the Director of the Natural Resources Development Bureau, Director of the National Resources Export Bureau, and a representative of a Women’s non-profit organisation. With us were the CEO and Executive Director of GoldfinX, geologists, land owners, […]

Monspace Singapore is exhibiting two key products at the Comex 2019 exhibition

Monspace Singapore is exhibiting two key products at the Comex 2019 exhibition—CPMall and MSD. The exhibition has attracted consumers from across the world, and many have inquired about our products. The Comex consumer electronics exhibition is one of Singapore’s biggest IT exhibitions, and one of Southeast Asia’s biggest. Every year, Comex gathers participants from communities […]

The KYC roadshow kicked off today @ Bukit Jalil HQ

The KYC roadshow has been kicked off today @ Bukit Jalil HQ. Have you booked your appointment yet ? For more information, please log on to At Monspace Credit Union & Trust, we are independent, which means we’re not in the business of selling products. Instead, we choose from many investment strategies to help you […]

Monspace has organised a London trip

To reward users with outstanding business performance, Monspace has organised a trip to London, inviting all outstanding users to join. On the second day in London, we prepared a series of activities for our users, including watching the EPL Match at the London Stadium. It was West Ham United is playing against Leicester City FC. […]

SOFO Lifestyle Ambassador – Mr Fahrin Ahmad

The sharing economy decentralises large scale manufacturing, turning them into more single-minded, personalised production models. Compared to the “centralised and uniform mass production” model during the industrial revolution, the sharing economy decentralises the value network, and focuses on more personalised forms of product development and services. Individuals are not only consumers but also producers, stimulating […]